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  • Minimum of $100 worth of Ethereum.
  • Please pay at ETH   0xF458EAC4ee98b75CFF7Af9D1a29dC16744D8864E
  • Send your KYC documents and proof of payment at HERE .
  • and wait for support team reply after verifications of your submitted details.

Token Purchase Agreement 

One of the ways you can invest in EBDC token is using the Token Purchase Agreement. The TPA is not equity, debt, or a token itself, but a contract that entitles you to tokens in the future.

Maturity/Lockup period 

The amount of time before the issuing project has to pay out your investment in tokens. This period ends when earliest of the following take place: 
The issuing company's blockchain system goes live 

One year passes from the date of issuance of the TPA 

The company has a way to release the tokens to you without violating applicable securities laws 

If the company dissolves, you will have the right to claim back your investment as if you were a debt holder of the company. This does not guarantee a return of your principal as there is no guarantee the company will have sufficient cash on hand.


EBD ERC20 Token

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