Token Purchase Agreement 

One of the ways you can invest in EBDC token is using the Token Purchase Agreement. The TPA is not equity, debt, or a token itself, but a contract that entitles you to tokens in the future.

Maturity/Lockup period 

The amount of time before the issuing project has to pay out your investment in tokens. This period ends when earliest of the following take place: 
The issuing company's blockchain system goes live 

One year passes from the date of issuance of the TPA 

The company has a way to release the tokens to you without violating applicable securities laws 

If the company dissolves, you will have the right to claim back your investment as if you were a debt holder of the company. This does not guarantee a return of your principal as there is no guarantee the company will have sufficient cash on hand.


EBDC ERC20 Token

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